Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick Alexa Update

I recently learned that The Alexa - the redevelopment of the Chemical Building at 8th and Olive - is still on track.

The developers, Heisman Properties of Los Angeles, have financing for the project in place and expects to begin construction in early 2010.

Originally marketed as for-sale condos, the plan now calls for 132 market rate apartments with ground floor retail space and possibly some creative office space on the second and third floors.

Just one more piece of the Old Post Office District puzzle falling into place. Once The Alexa is underway, that leaves only the Arcade Building as the last remaining undeveloped building in the area.


STLgasm said...

Hopefully it will get its rightful name back- the Chemical Building. "Alexa" is so meaningless and contrived.

samizdat said...

Sounds like the name of the girl next up at Showgirls. "Now appearing on stage no. 3, the alluring Alexa, sexy Lexy. Let's give her a big welcome."

RSS said...

I can't find a legit phone number for a "Heisman Properties" in Cali. Does anyone know any other information about these investors?