Thursday, October 29, 2009

The New (and Improved?) Macy's

We know that the downtown Macy's will shrink from its current seven floors to just three floors in the near future to help ensure that the store remains viable.

What we don't know yet is the specifics of the plans for the store.

Will the charming Papa Fabares restaurant on the second floor be retained? What about the St. Louis Room? Or the candy counter by the Olive entrance? Hopefully the store will still retain some of its unique features that make shopping downtown a different experience than shopping at a suburban store.

One interesting tidbit: Jerry Berger reports that Macy's is "refreshing" (and re-thinking) its offerings at the downtown store, possibly adding a department featuring fashions from local designer.


Mary Pat Anselm said...

I am so eager to see what Macy's will come up with - it would be a smart move to house local designers' duds downtown. I would do the majority of my shopping there if they started catering toward downtown residents. Especially women.

Here's a hint: focus on making your shoe department the highlight of the downtown Macy's shopping experience.

Brian said...

I agree completely, Mary Pat. A focus on women's shoes seems like a no-brainer with all of the professional women living and working downtown.

The men's department is lacking as well. I would like to see more higher-end brands downtown. The downtown store had a Ralph Lauren section up until a few years ago, and I would love to see it return.

Anonymous said...

In the State Street store in Chicago Macy's partners with the Mayor's Office and Fashion Council an incubator for new designers. I carry several of the current and past designers in my store - The Time. I know that Ellen Sherberg from StL Biz Journal has toured the incubator and has spoken with the powers that be in Chicago and StL to duplicate this in the "new" downtown StL Macy's. The last I heard Mayor Slays office thinks it is a great idea but has no money to fund it. Macy's donates the space to the designers - old office space not utilized - and the Mayor's office works with partners to pay for fashion shows, PR and marketing, mentor's, equipment, etc... I would love to see this happen - we lose design talent everyday to the coast. Keep it local!

James Lambert said...

Great info Brian, keep us posted on this one please.

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