Friday, November 06, 2009

A St. Louis Centre Rendering!

We keep getting more and more news on the planned $220 million redevelopment of St. Louis Centre into parking and retail space.

The Post-Dispatch provided a nice rundown on the project that mentions that not only is a movie theater being considered for the second floor, a fitness center is being considered as well.

Also featured in the article was Amos Harris stating that the redevelopment of the Dillard's Building into apartments and an Embassy Suites hotel could be completed in early 2012.

Finally, Building Blocks came through with a rendering of the St. Louis Centre project, pictured above.


Daron said...

the comments on that post-dispatch article are depressing. Who are these readers? Do they live in St. Peters or Sikeston? They can't be from the city of St. Louis.

bchao524 said...

Although I would love it if it were true, I think you mean that the project in the Dillard's building could be done as early as 2012, not 2010.

Doug Duckworth said...

Essentially were turning STL Centre into a parking facility.

Brian said...

Correct. We were either getting one in St. Louis Centre or one on the site of the Ambassador Building, so pick your poison.