Monday, December 28, 2009

Clarkson Eyecare Coming Downtown

Clarkson Eyecare is opening a downtown location in the Syndicate Building at 917 Olive.  The store is expected to open March 1.

Interestingly enough, they chose a location directly across the street from Erker's Optical, which has served downtown for years from its location in the Frisco Building.

Can the two stores successfully coexist so close together?


Peter said...

It's interesting at this part of Downtown it seems like local chains (i.e. Culinaria) are replacing local businesses there. Culinaria did offer a little more than City Grocers had, but I don't believe Clarkson Eyecare can offer anything more. I wish luck to the owners of Erker's Optical.

Adam Flath said...

I saw in the BJ about 2 or 3 months ago Erker's had a federal tax lean on them for around $36k I think.

Plus, I scheduled an appointment and specifically asked if they accepted my insurance. They said yes, and it turns out they didnt, they just said yes to get my in the door and charge "out of network." Plus Erks is only open for eye exams on Wednesday. So it really is not a full fledged eye doc.

Laura S said...

I do think Clarkson Eyecare has something to offer the people living and working downtown. They are in a completely different sector of the eye care business. Erker is just eyewear and a part time doc. Word around town too is that Erker's Optical won't be around too much longer.

Culinaria (aka Schnucks) is a hometown business-whether a chain or a one door operation. Clarkson is similar to them in that, they are a company with a proven track record.

The whole revitalization of the downtown area is a tricky venture for any business going in down there. I wish all of them luck.

samizdat said...

I use Tower Optical, because 1. I get discounts for patronising one of the ophthomologists next door, 2. the service Vonda and Amy provide reminds me of the kind of service you used to get nearly EVERYWHERE back in my younger days in the 70's, like at Ostertag Opticians.

Brian said...

Where is Tower Optical?

Chris said...

I came across this post on the internet the other day and actually work downtown. I have been going to the Erkers Optical downtown for my whole life and they have treated me like Gold! I don't know of a better group of people. I have become friends with Jack Erker, who is the fifth generation of their company. The word from him personally is that they are their for another 130 years which I think not many other companies in St. Louis can say. They must be doing something right. I, or my family, will never go anywhere else. Plain and simple


Mike said...

wow 130 years is that true!!! they must be doing something right... I have been into a clarkson before in south county and they carry what every other eye place carries. I have never been into Erker's until recently when i moved downtown. I found a pair of eyeglasses and some sunglasses. If you want something different I would definitely reccommend Erker's it is a really cool place. Downtown Rocks!!!!