Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cool Office Space in the Gill Building

Michael Francis of Antidote was kind enough to send along a link to some photos of his firm's great looking space - known as The Media Lab - in the Gill Building at 7th and Olive.

Check them out here.

Personally, I think that blank wall on the adjacent parking garage (pictured in the last two photos) is just begging for a mural or some sort of embellishment.


Dickson said...

Brian: Well....the Gill Building's lower levels are now under lease. Fred's Cheapo Depot,, will occupy the first floor, mezzanine and basement. Fred Teuntenberg will utilize the first floor and basement for their downtown retail location and the mezzanine level for their administrative office. This new, growing, multi location retailer of spirits and tobacco products is by no means the high end retail client that some would like to have seen occupy this beautiful gem of a building on the corner of 7th & Olive. This is however very good news for downtown. I understand and believe that the finished product and operation will be a clean, well run, much needed retailer, finally occupying The Gill Building's street level after years of being boarded up. New modern designed stairwells connecting the three levels, updated flooring, HV/AC systems and much more were needed to complete the renovation of The Gill and to make the street level functional again. Mark Pitliangas, President of S&P Holdings, owner of The Gill and The Versailles Professional Office Building (1108 Olive), told me that Fred's should open sometime hopefully in March. He believes that the fact that Fred's will utilize the mezzanine level for their home office, with their administrative employees, in addition to the retail employees, as great news and a real boost for the City of St.Louis. Mark is the owner of The Thaxton and The Cosmopolitian Buildings, on Olive as well. He informed me that Mr.Teutenberg may eventually do something that will be unique for his chain and open a cigar smoking lounge in the basement of The Gill. All of their locations will be selling higher end cigars. Fred is also making some concessions in operating this 7th & Olive location, demonstrating his interest in working with neighbors for the better interest of downtown St.Louis. The Teutenberg family has been operating various retail and restaurant operations downtown since the early 1800's. Fred and his daughter Joanne operate their family restautant across the street from The Gill Building at this time. Fred told me that not all of his management team thought opening this location was a good idea, but that he continues to support downtown St.Louis and is hopeful for it's future. If you ever have the opportunity sit down and get to know Fred Teutenberg, you do not want to miss that opportunity. Do not let his old Cheapo Depot, "Hi......I'm Fred" impression fool you.....what an interesting, very smart (Wash U Grad), down to earth, family oriented and funny guy!!!!

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