Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Swear, I Didn't Write This

The STL JobWatch blog on STLToday recently featured a post on how working in St. Louis differs from other cities.  One commenter, Dave, summed it up so well, I felt that I just had to repost it here:

One big difference is that here 90% of white-collar jobs exist outside of the urban core making it an undesirable place to live for those graduating from college and young families. That’s quite different from most desirable cities - NY, Chicago, Philly, Seattle, etc… I had to be pretty picky to finally land a job downtown where I could walk to many places for lunch, use public transportation, and enjoy many other perks with working in a neighborhood. Too many of the job offers were at boring suburban office parks surrounded by a sea of parking and offering little more than Taco Bell and Subway for lunch which still required driving.
If we could get more business owners to relocate their companies into the urban core, we would immediately help retain and attract more young talent as that’s where that demographic wants to work. It would also help attract more entrepenuers to open local-only businesses that puts that money right back into our local economy as opposed to elsewhere.
Truer words have never been written on STLToday.  Bravo, Dave


stlexplorer said...

This might just get me reading comments again!

Matt Kastner said...

Commenting on a reposted comment. Got to love the blogosphere:) A great point though. Now if only Dave could point out how to actually accomplish this without giving away every tax dollar gained from the business' move to the urban core through TIFs, abatements and other tax breaks, I would demand he be made mayor.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this 100%, I am actually looking for jobs right now in the urban core. I currently live in city and work in the suburbs. I can't stand the drive and the lack of places to eat for lunch. I am not interested in going to a strip mall every day to run errands. I would also like to start taking public transporation daily, which isnt an option for me right now.

Anonymous said...

It's official: West County moves to Downtown. CLARKSON EYECARE is opening at 917 Olive Street!