Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Ramblings

Dave Bailey's newest endeavor, Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar, is now open next to Left Bank Books at 10th and Locust.

Great Clips is going in the former Curves space in the Paul Brown Building.  Crews are working on The Time's former space at 10th and Washington.

The grassy areas along 55/70 have received extensive landscaping, including trees and other plantings.  The finished product will look especially good come springtime.

Work seems to be continuing on Copia, albeit with no noticeable difference from the outside.  Will anything ever happen with the adjacent "Washington Avenue Market" space?  With the Culinaria open just a few blocks away, a small grocery store doesn't seem necessary at that location.

Scorch Agency has moved to the Shell Building from 227 N. Jefferson.

505 Washington has had a boarded-up window next to its front entrance for several weeks now.  Time to replace the glass; the board-up sends a bad message.

I'm hearing that the St. Louis Centre skybridge is slated for demolition in August.


Chris said...

The Bridge is awesome; I was there on Friday.

STLgasm said...

"I'm hearing that the St. Louis Centre skybridge is slated for demolition in August."

Been hearing this since 1999. What's the point of announcing it beforehand? Just keep it quiet until the cranes show up, so the public is not set up for disappointment. Again. And again. And again.

Mark Groth said...

Skybridge down in August? I think there should be talk of a viewing party as previously discussed on the urbanstl forum.

jsb06g said...

I would like to know more about the highway landscaping. I've always thought St. Louis had pretty shabby highway corridors. Most major cities do extensive landscaping along highways when the highway is first built. What areas of 55 and 70 were landscaped? What type of trees and plantings? Any pics?

Dave said...

There is a noticeable difference in Copia from the rear. Also, if you can peek in the front windows, you'll see that things are getting much closer.