Monday, April 19, 2010

210 N. Tucker Powers Up

Digital Realty Trust is making a major investment in 210 N. Tucker, adding 16 MW of new electrical power (quadrupling the power available to the building), a new power distribution system and 30,000 to 60,00 sf of data center space to the 200,000 sf building.

"These improvements to 210 N. Tucker make it one of the most desirable data center properties in the Midwestern United States," said Glenn Benoist, vice president of portfolio management at Digital Realty Trust.  "The increased level of data center demand in St. Louis has prompted us to expand our commitment to this market.  With a total of 20 MW of power and a significant amount of new data center space, the facility will be the premier site for St. Louis' growing data center market."

Set for completion by the third quarter, the expansion will allow customers seeking space in the facility to begin building out their data center space following the infrastructure improvements.

Digital Realty Trust is working with its national and international partners and customers for expansion of their data center networks into the 210 N. Tucker property.  They're also partnering with the RCGA, the St. Louis chapter of AFCOM (a trade association for data center professionals) and the local brokerage community to address the needs for quality and affordable data center space.

Said Dick Fleming of the RCGA, "This is further evidence that the St. Louis region is a leader in the Midwest for data center operations.  We have the world's largest wholesale data center provider making this major investment in St. Louis at a time when the region prepares to showcase St. Louis IT industry successes at the upcoming Gateway to Innovation conference on April 20.  We at the RCGA were pleased to partner with Digital Realty Trust on this important business expansion project."

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