Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Businesses I'd Like to See Downtown: Crazy Bowls and Wraps

Building Blocks had a recent post on the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis' efforts to attract "chainlets" - local and regional chains such as Clarkson Eyecare and Schnucks - that are more likely to choose a downtown location than national retailers in the current economic environment.

Well, here's a chainlet that I'd like to see downtown: Crazy Bowls and Wraps.

CBW would be an outstanding choice to fill the void left by the loss of Lion's Choice (another chainlet that I would like to see return to downtown) and Espresso Mod while adding a little diversity to the lunch options available to downtown office workers, visitors and residents.

It's a known entity, a local chain that has a loyal following, much like St. Louis Bread Co., which has been very successful downtown for years now.  This familiarity would enable CBW to quickly and easily establish themselves on the downtown scene.  It certainly fits in with the "chainlet" concept that the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis is trying to attract downtown.

So how about it, CBW?  We need more restaurants downtown!


Mark Groth said...

I agree we need more restaurants DT, especially ones with regular weekend hours.

Kate said...

Yes! I heart CBW!

Matt Kastner said...

CBW is good stuff. I second the call for another Lion's Choice. It's my personal favorite in terms of fast food. Their hours totally sucked though. Its a self-fulfilling prophecy when these places cater only to the lunch and Cardinals crowds. You need to have stable hours. Even when things are slow.

stlexplorer said...

CBW would be an amazing addition to Downtown and I personally believe it would perform very well. I'd be eating power bowls even more often.

Anonymous said...

That's so funny, because I have been telling my wife (who works DT) for at least 5 years, that DT would be an ideal location for CB&W.

Anonymous said...

I always assumed CBW was a national chain. Great to hear it's local!

CBW verde salsa is to die for.