Sunday, April 11, 2010

Peat Wollaeger Leaves His Mark on Powell Square

The Post-Dispatch reported on Sunday that stencil artist extraordinaire Peat Wollaeger is doing his part to spruce up the decrepit Powell Square building by painting a huge 16-foot-by 16 foot mural on the side of the building that reads "I ♥ St. Louis," with his trademark eyeball replacing the letter I.  Wollaeger was given permission to create the mural by the building's owner, Steven Murphy.

While the Powell Square development has stalled, at least Wollaeger will leave it looking a little better than it was.  He had a great quote in the article:

"I'm tired of the haters who say they can't wait to leave St. Louis," Wollaeger said. "Yeah, there are a lot of racist people in this town. There are a lot of people who are so closed-minded and people who only will come downtown for Cardinals games. But there are also people who put a lot of heart and soul in this town to make it a better place."


Anonymous said...

Yes there are and I am one of them.
We simply have to blend, have a confulence and realize quality of life is what's keeping folk "in neutral". It's really not a black thing, or white thing, a rich thing or a poor thing. It's THE thing everybody wants. St Louis can COMPETE! I am here to stay!
Yes, we do have to think out of the box and color out of the lines!!!


Wisdom Works said...

You go Peat. I'm one of the ones who BELIEVES in St. Louis. We just need about 5,000 more of us to ignite a fire. In the mean time, light the fuse with your art!

Anonymous said...

I also believe in STL and love this town. That is why I left my suburban house to move to the city and make a difference. I can't believe how the city neighborhoods are transforming into vibrant communities in front of our eyes. Keep it up!!