Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Will The Laurel Impact its Surroundings?

It will be interesting to see what kind of impact the current redevelopment projects underway at St. Louis Centre and the Dillard's Building will have on the surrounding area.

One building that could potentially benefit from this mini development boom is the Union Market, which occupies an entire city block boardered by Broadway, Convention Plaza, Sixth Street, and Lucas.

While the Union Market was renovated in the 1980s and is currently home to a Drury Hotel, J.F. Sanfilippo's restaurant and a three-story parking garage, the western portion of the building remains largely underutilized.

However, the apartments and Embassy Suites hotel planned for the Dillard's Building - just catty-corner from the Union Market - will bring an influx of residents and tourists to the area.  Several office buildings - 555 Washington, 505 Washington, One Financial Plaza, 500 North Broadway, 600 Washington and the U.S. Bank Building - are all located within a short walk of the building as well, as are the Edward Jones Dome and America's Center.  And of course, as mentioned earlier, the building houses its own hotel.  These factors may make the vacant western portion of the Union Market a prime candidate for a bar, restaurant or other retail use.

Lots of people will be visiting this area in the near future.  Will Drury give them another place to go?

The western entrance to the Union Market:

A look inside:

A view of The Laurel from the Union Market's entrance:

The rear of 555 Washington:

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday, workers were removing furniture from that space in the Drury--Union Market.