Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mid-Century Modern Office Space Available

Here in St. Louis, and across the country, mid-century modern structures have received an increasing amount of attention in recent years, as the urbanist/preservationist communities have worked hard to raise public awareness of the importance of unique, post-war structures.  Subsequently, mid-century modern architecture is now "hot" again and deemed worthy of preservation.

This renewed interest in mid-century modern buildings makes it all the more disappointing to see the sleek, 1959-vintage office building at 505 Washington continue to sit vacant.

Situated on the periphery of downtown, overshadowed by larger, newer office buildings nearby, as well as its next-door neighbor, the ornate and historic 555 Washington, 505 can be easy to overlook at just three stories and 75,800 sf.

While 505's space is dividable, this building would make a fantastic headquarters for a medium-sized single user.  Certainly, an architecture firm, ad agency or design firm would be a logical fit, but it might be even more impressive for a "traditional" business with the capacity for unconventional thinking.

It's not hard to picture a law firm, money manager, or boutique investment banking firm located here (how about Stern Brothers?).  Add signage that's compatible with the building's style - how about some stainless steel lettering above the front entrance? - and some colorful plantings to soften the facade a bit, and 505 would be an absolute knockout.

Did I mention that space at 505 Washington leases for just $13-$16 psf?  That is a ridiculous value.

Is there any firm out there willing to step up to the plate and lease this cool little building?

Andrew Bagy of Grubb & Ellis Gundaker is the listing agent - (314) 719-2041.

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Modernesia said...

This is a cool building. Hopefully, some preservation-minded business will lease it soon.