Friday, May 07, 2010

Re-Saving Lindy Squared

At the end of Lisa Brown's article on St. Louis Centre's reincarnation as a parking garage was a mention of Lindy Squared, one of the coolest public art projects downtown has ever had.

Lindy Squared was a 40-by-60-foot (roughly five stories) mural painted by Robert Fishbone and Sarah Linquisk on the side of the Lion Gas Building at Ninth and Chestnut.  The mural was completed in 1977 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's famous trans-Atlantic flight in the Spirit of St. Louis.

Up close, the abstract mural was a blur of 1,160 blocks in 72 shades of gray.  From a slight distance, it became the face of the legendary aviator.  It had a cool geometric, pixilated look.

In 1981, the Lion Gas Building was demolished to make way for Southwestern Bell's headquarters tower.

The mural was so popular among St. Louisans, it even had its own "Committee to Save Lindy Squared."

Fortunately, the public was not deprived of its beloved Lindy Squared for long, as a half-scale version of the mural, a wall sculpture named Lindy Squared II, was installed in St. Louis Centre in 1985.

According to this week's Business Journal, it's still there.  Mr. Fishbone plans to remove the mural from St. Louis Centre this month, and is considering relocating it elsewhere.

I'm hoping that it remains downtown, where it can be enjoyed by future generations of St. Louisans and by visitors as well.  City Garden and Old Post Office Plaza would be great locations, as would the lobbies and blank exterior walls of any number of office buildings.  Lindy Squared could really spruce up some bland parking garages as well.

Just keep it downtown!


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Hope it stays here. We could use more things like this downtown.

DrBW said...

I vote to put in on the side of the lammert building on washington facing west. It would be a cool art display for those walking and driving down the street.

Brian said...

Good call!

DrBW said...

Sent a message to the Downtown Partnership and they said that the Newer version in STL Centre is not made for outdoor use and will possibly be used in the airport. They did say they would like to see some murals and other wall coverings used downtown.