Monday, May 10, 2010

Renderings of the St. Louis Centre Garage/600 Washington

Here are some pics of the renderings for the new St. Louis Centre Garage...

At 7th and Washington, looking south:

At 6th and Locust, looking north:

6th and Washington, looking south:

The new lobby of 600 Washington (Formerly One City Centre):

And a site plan showing first-floor retail on the western and southern sides of the former mall, and a retail bay near the southeast corner:


Yet Another St. Louis Blog by Kevin B. said...

That will definitely be a big step up from what the Centre is currently...cosmetically, anyway. It being converted to a garage is dissapointing though.

The pictures are a bit blurry on my iPhone, Brian, but is does the first one (from the corner of 7th and Washington) a duel video screen? Or is it supposed to be a mural or billboards? A large video screen would be interesting to see, especially if it played some sort of 'Scenes of St. Louis' montage rather than advertising.

Chris said...

Looks sharp; not the best case scenario, but better than it being abandoned.

Dave said...

I'd prefer this to be a residential development, but I think the city is doing the right thing under the circumstances. The parking keeps two large firms downtown, the outside of the Centre will be updated and retail put where it should be - on street level. When this and the Laurel are finished, this area will look completely different.

I hope the sidewalk sides are adequate on the north and south sides of the building.

Brian said...

To be perfectly honest with you, Not Another, I'm not sure what that is in the first rendering. If I had to guess, it's probably just blue glass.

Yet Another St. Louis Blog by Kevin B. said...

Yeah, I kind of thought that too. I may just be trying to temper my expectations.

The facing side certainly could be blue glass, but doesn't the skewed panel look like it has a person on it (Or is this just another Three Men & A Baby eye-trick/hoax)? Isn't that a face in the top left corner, connected to a body wearing a white t-shirt and purple vest/jacket dealie? Possibly singing into a microphone?