Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brookdale Farms to Open Stables in Chouteau's Landing

Brookdale Farms, which runs downtown's popular carriage ride service, recently purchased the 20,903 sf building at 218 Lombard Street to house its 10 horses and carriages when they're not being kept at Brookdale's stables in Eureka.

Brookdale will be renovating the building, which is located next to I-44 in the Chouteau's Landing district.

For prospective tenants looking for a well located small office and warehouse facility, an adjacent building is currently listed for sale for $350,000.

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Matt Kastner said...

That's low-key, yet interesting news. Any new tenants on Chouteau's Landing is certainly a good step. Now if only the Lawrence Group would pull the trigger on some of their proposals.