Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Downtown: The Path of Least Resistance?

It seems that the people of O'Fallon, Missouri are unhappy about the financial incentives their city is offering to Centene, to assist the company in building a new data center.

I have to think that downtown St. Louis would welcome the firm with open arms.  Centene could easily locate its data center downtown, taking advantage of downtown's outstanding power infrastructure while alleviating the need to build a new building, which would likely reduce costs.  The project wouldn't yield many jobs, but would be good for downtown's burgeoning IT sector.

How about it, Centene?


samizdat said...

Sometimes extortion works better than common sense, if you get my drift.

Cockbag LLC said...

I am sure Centene has a bitter taste in its mouth after Ballpark Village fell threw. Didn't it come down to parking and the city not wanting them to build their own garage?

Anonymous said...

Actually, they planned to. Centene corporation intended to move into the new Ball Park Village, but from what I've heard the excessive micromanaging of the Cardinals' executives and increasing demands of tenant pay eventually scared Centene, as well as two other prospective firms, from moving in (Not that there's really a place to move into right now, but you get the picture). Sorry to say it, as I am a Cardinals baseball fan, but they really should have stuck their necks out of this one.