Monday, October 04, 2010

Low Quality Camera Phone Photo of the Day, 10/4

Ok, I got a new phone and its camera is actually pretty good, but I figured I'd stick with the "low quality" post title for continuity's sake.

Here's a look at the glass panels that have been added to the facade of the St. Louis Centre garage:


Kevin B, YAStLBlog said...

Darn. I had this stupid, fleeting hope that sometime between announcement of the garage and the start of its construction, the plan would change and at least the outside edges of the Centre would become retail space all the way up. Oh well -- make it look good, Clayco.

Sonny Saggar, MD said...

Welcome back Brian. Have you been on vacation? I've been eagerly awaiting your next blog entry!

Thanks for your support of Downtown, spreading the word about how it's going and how awesome a place it is to live and/or work. I honestly feel that this time, the momentum is unstoppable and 10 years from now, maybe even 5, people will reflexly think 'Downtown' when you say 'fun' 'rich' 'safe' 'community' 'exciting' 'where to live' 'where shall we relocate our company'. You know - stuff like that. Many folks are already doing it!