Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Tenant for the Truman Building

The Truman Building continues to pick up tenants, recently adding a newly formed, non-profit jazz dance troupe, St. Louis Dance Theater.

The troupe occupies the Truman Building's entire 5,000-sf third floor, which it will use for rehearsal space, offices and conference rooms. St. Louis Dance Theater will initially recruit and employ up to 14 dancers for a 30-week contract year.

The building is also home to Downtown Urgent Care and The Boxing Gym.


Chris said...

Where's the Truman Building???

Downtown Urgent Care said...

It's 916 Olive Street - the place you would go if you had an acute illness or injury that needed urgent medical attention. We are hoping the place will soon be easier to find, as ambulances have driven right past when looking to pick up a chest pain or stroke patient.

Anonymous said...

Not posting anymore?