Wednesday, November 16, 2011

505 Washington Could Use Curb Appeal

HGTV has a show called "Curb Appeal" in which relatively bland houses are given exterior makeovers.  While the "after" pictures are always amazing, it's surprising at how big of a difference subtle improvements can make.  This could be said not only for houses, but for downtown properties as well.

I recently came across the picture of a modern building in Austin shown above, and it got me thinking about how much better 505 Washington, a somewhat similar building that happens to be one of my favorites, could look like with just some minor improvements.

505 is actually a bit more interesting than the Austin building, architecturally speaking, with its creative embellishments above the windows and interesting materials.  It looks good now, but as seen in the picture of the Austin building, the addition of street trees and lighting would really accentuate 505's facade.  Of course, a St. Louis City flag flying from the flagpole by the entrance would be a nice touch as well.

It's relatively simple fixes like this that could go a long way toward sprucing up downtown and making buildings like 505 more marketable and desirable.  I'd love to see 505 Washington receive a little curb appeal!


Kevin B said...

I like this building too and wish it, rather than the Laurel, had been tapped as the home of the new Blues museum and recording studio. Closer to the river, right on Broadway...a lot of geographical connections to the city's Blues roots.

This intersection needs some love. It's an important one (or should be) to the city and right now it is wholly underused.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Why don't you open a small film studio. You can do projects around St. Louis, other Midwest cities, or larger cities like New York or Chicago to get exposure then pitch it to a network or HGTV.

Anonymous said...

Structurally, you can add a floor to 505 as well. So, you could do something really interesting as a rooftop to add to visual interest and function (and revenue).

Brian said...

I was wondering if that could be done. Maybe setting the added floor back a bit from the other floors and making it all glass would create a cool effect. This building would be well suited for a rooftop deck, too.

Anonymous said...

How much is this building selling for?

Brian said...

I think it looks great, really mid century mod. However, a little blending of new modern would suite it well.